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Insperational Blog Websites

Back for another semester of web design. This time I’m here to share some good blogs that are not just web related, but sort of design related also. A few of them my friend recommended. One being called Smashing Magazine, great web design blog. Another being A List Apart, also a web design blog. has some good examples of experimentation with typography. is also another good website that shows good typography and other design related topics. is another good website for showing typography and they share a lot of unique styles involving typography. So far most of my inspiration involves a lot of typography but that’s because ever since my second year of college I’ve always been struggling with type and the more I struggle with it the more fascinated I am by type, and I hope that one day I can learn to reach a good level of expertise in typography to improve my abilities as a graphic designer. 

Web Design Week 11?

It’s week 11 right? Well this week we’ve learned about Java and Java Script. I think specifically Java Script though. In class we were watching a demo of my professor showing us how its done. Problem is, there were a couple of issues we were running into with Java Script. Today we were specifically learning about the light box. What it does is when you click on a link it opens a window while still staying on the same HTML. And then the background turns a certain color depending on your code, and then the image has arrows on both sides of the image and you can easily navigate from image to image with ease. However sometimes the arrows won’t appear correctly and it’s just a nightmare to figure out what is exactly wrong with the code. So all in all, you can live without Java Script but if you can pull it off it can create some nice presentation values.

I’m Pretty Sure I Missed a Week or Two

And to anyone who loves my blog I’m sorry, it just slipped my mind and I just have the tendency to forgot like everyone else. I’m only 21, but anyways Design Week has been making it’s launch today with events like pumpkin carvings, to font-o-ween (dressing up as a typeface, I’m not sure if I’m actually going to participating in that or not), and getting rid of a work of art you wished you never made because of how bad it is. Now, I hear mixed opinions about Design Week such as, “I really love it” or “I’m busy”. Now, both are right, and it’s not mandatory in the slightest (even though you do get a hard drive if you go to all the events) so its more up to the student and how busy they are. Unfortunately Mondays and Wednesdays for me are busy because I work at the Buchtelite for pretty much majority of those days (the Buchtelite is the school newspaper where I do page design, cartoons, and sometimes photography). But whatever the rest of Folk Hall decides to do I hope they have a fun Design Week and can’t wait to see what creative events they can come up with. Now, with Junior review creeping at my back, I hope I can be as prepared as I’ll ever be within the next to weeks.

Web Design I Week 8

For the longest time my images for a webpage I’ve been working on have all been aligned vertically instead of horizontally. And for the longest time I couldn’t figure it out until my professor literally hit three keys and told me I didn’t close the divs properly. Now, I know I mentioned this before in my previous blog, but that was for minor things such as getting elements to just SHOW UP on your webpage. Now it’s gotten to a point where, if you don’t close your divs or even add closing brackets in your .css (the design part of your HTML document_ then you’re going to end up with a jumbled mess of what you don’t want. I cannot stress enough how important closing those divs and brackets are. Another thing to look out for is making sure certain commands even exist, because it took me a week to realize that float: top is not an actual command. This is because elements can only float left or right, and after learning that I got a good chunk of my webpage done. So remember, the only way to become really good at web design is to be careful. Of course, easier said than done.

Web Design 1 Week 7

I learned through a long process that if you want to create a simple navigation for a web page, you only need ONE div of a navigation tag. The reason for this is because if you do it properly (such as adding the li, ul, and such) the listing does itself for you, you just have make sure what goes where in the div such as links to contacts, career opportunities, or an about us page. Another neat thing about this type of div is that you can mess with the background color, border color, and even give your navigation tag the ability to high light when your cursor is over it. So just more web design ideas to add some pizaz to your web page.

Week 5 of Web Design 1

Would like to apologize for the titles being inconsistent, its something I always end up forgetting by the end of the week. Anyways, this week I learned all sorts of things that go beyond web design. Like this week the class was learning how to put images up and running on a website by using the “slicing” tools in Photoshop. It’s really neat how complex website designs are sometimes pretty easy to explain if they’re broken down into its .CSS core. Not only did I learn how to slice images, I also got a better understanding of the whole RGB and CMYK formats. Along with that I also learned JPEGs are a lot better to upload than PNGs or TIFFs because PNGs and TIFFs are ridiculously big files and would take hours to probably upload. So naturally, you’d go for the quicker method which is JPEG. Now, going back to RGB and CMYK, that’s a little lengthy to explain. RGB is usually the color format Photoshop opens at, because that’s probably the best possible way to view images on an electronic screen. Now, the reason you’d want to change RGB to CMYK is because CMYK is the SUBTRACTION of color, which basically means CMYK will give you much better print results. So that’s why whenever you take pictures with a camera it’s default file format will always be 8-bit and in RGB.

Web 1 Week 4

For this week, I’ve learned how to create columns of different varieties in Text Wrangler (the program that the class I’m in is using to create pages in HTML format), which at first was a hard process but then once you’ve done one then you can pretty much get the hang of the rest. Here’s an example of what I mean, first you do the first step of the process by creating your tags which goes like this: <div class=”name here”> text here </div> and then you go into your .css document and type in whatever dimensions and color you want that specific column to be in. And that’s about it, it’s up to you on what size you want your columns to be. Always remember to close your carrots though or else it’ll produce some… Interesting results. One more note, if you want these columns to look good, you should probably put them within a bigger container so its not just columns awkwardly floating in the air. How to do that would basically be as simple as creating another div labeled “container” or something and in the .css file you give the container margins that’ll stretch along with the screen. Oh and put the columns in between the divs so it should look something like this:

<div class=”container”> text

<div class=”column”> </div>

It doesn’t have to look exactly like that but that’s just an idea. But for something as simple as columns it takes a lot of work to make it look good…


Web Design 1 Week 3

Even though things didn’t quite work out as well as I would’ve intended, with class and this artist’s lecture being canceled on Thursday I was still able to attend this very neat art exhibit that the Myers School of Art was able to display today. It’s hard to keep it short but this exhibit was called Making Statistics more Human (or something along those lines) and what it basically did was take a few scenarios and make very nice visuals out of its statistics. An example of this would be a visual known as Out of Sight Out of Mind showing the fatality rate done by the USA drone strikes. To break it down, its a visual of lines implying the drone strikes land on a year showing how many fatalities were caused that year. and under each drone strike shows a colored bar showing what was killed during that year, with red being kids, dark red being civilians, and grey being other. The description doesn’t do it justice at all, and I recommend to check out the link here just to see exactly what I’m talking about ( One last visual is the Arms and Ammunition Exports and Imports. What this visual does is it takes a 3D globe (you can even manipulate where the globe rotates) and it has lines going from a range of countries showing the weapons that have been imported and exported. Again, not doing the visual much justice but here’s a link which I strongly recommend you check out also ( I feel like the exhibit shows that stats being viewed visually have a stronger impact than just either talking about it or using a simple graph.

Week 2 of Web Design

After taking two weeks of Web Design I’ve grown a better appreciation for some of the websites I visited in the past. Especially after learning today how easy it is to screw up your websites coding by just adding in a simple space between certain phrases or forgetting a dash between certain characters. Another easy way to screw up your web coding is if you forget to close your tags or reversed them by accident. An example of that would be making <div>’s and closing it like this: <div/>. So all in all Web Design is something that’s going to require a lot of patience, and concentration. But I feel the class itself is going to help me in the long run and the basics of coding aren’t too hard to grasp at the moment. As long as you remember to start things out with <html> and then that’s where all the headers (<h1>) goes and paragraphs (<p>) and then CLOSE it with </html>. oh and the links are important too, that’s another way to have things display itself incorrectly, so don’t forget to always <link rel=”” type=”” href=”” />!!